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hello, friend. i'm lindsay

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... and in in 2019, I was in crisis.


I had been struggling with depression for several years, but I was losing hope that things might someday improve. In 2018, I had been diagnosed by a very sympathetic therapist as having "situational depression." Being a woman of action, at the time I took that as a prescription to change my situation: I left my high-stress job for one that was less stressful and paid more; I moved to a new city that matched my values and my lifestyle; I distanced myself from relationships that brought me pain; I bought a new "professional wardrobe" to help others see me as put-together and successful. I even got a dog.


I changed almost everything about my life, but nothing changed.

Though I could have been out exploring my new life and opportunities, instead I found myself slowly drowning, suffocating under the realization that perhaps what I suffered wasn't "situational depression," but something darker, deeper. 

I could no longer deny that I needed to do something different than I had ever done before.


I finally began to look at myself --my body, my mind my soul-- and not my situation, as something I needed to learn to work with. I dove into researching depression and the various ways it affects a person--including how I could try to counterbalance those effects when the going got tough.

I didn't know it at the time, but this was the beginning of the Four Minds Methodology. I made an "In Case of Emergency" Kit, a deck of cards that detailed 30 simple and specific ways I could support my brain, body, and heart by mindfully tapping into each. The cards included techniques to foster physical mindfulness, mental exercises to help me get out of anxiety and overactive thoughts, and safe ways to tap into my emotions without getting trapped in them

Image by Estée Janssens

Ironically enough, once I made my "In Case of Emergency" Kit, I no longer needed it because I had a range of tools and techniques in my back pocket at all times. I had confidence that tough situations would subside, because I knew how to make sure they did.

By shifting my approach, my life finally began to change for the better. I could see the work I needed to do, and I got to it.


Since then, I've formalized the Boundless Approach in the hopes that what I have learned can help others who are struggling with the same things with which I used to struggle. It is my hope that the readings, free resources, and courses I offer here can help you move towards your own self-directed and meaningful life.


So, welcome, friend. I'm so glad you're here.



P.S. If you're new here, check out my Get Started page. I made it just for you.

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