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boundless self-compassion

Happy Girl
What would your life be like if you could truly hold compassion for yourself? 

There are still spaces available for the next Boundless Self-Compassion offering, scheduled to begin February 21,2020! Sign up for the waiting list today to save 10% off the list price.


What is the Boundless Self-Compassion course?

Boundless Self-Compassion is a transformational 4-week journey into your body, mind, and heart to help you find a path to your own unique self-acceptance and wisdom.


Every day for four weeks, you'll receive an email with a link to that day's lesson. Each lesson includes a short reading on the day's theme pulling from ancient wisdom, modern learnings, and lessons from my own life. You are also offered a daily audio file (either a visualization, meditation, or self-scanning exercise) to help you internalize the theme in a different way. Finally, you will receive a daily activity ranging from journal prompts to mindfulness exercises to help you activate your Four Minds in support of your self-understanding.

Each day builds on the last to walk you through learning how to acknowledge our common humanity, recognize your own right to self-compassion, and release existing barriers to self-compassion that are currently in the way. By the end of our month together, you'll have learned to accept and support yourself in a truly loving way that you can deepen as you move forward into your life.

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