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getting your balance

The Boundless Approach is all about balance: balance in your life, balance in your way of knowing yourself, and balance in how you respond to the world around you.

The Four Minds (Rational, Physical, Emotional, and Universal) are simply metaphors to help you seek balance in a more intentional way. None of the Minds are superior to the others---instead, it is when all the Minds come together that you can get a complete understanding of yourself and your life.

By learning more about how you naturally approach your Minds, you can begin to adopt techniques to "tap into" areas you may be deficient or "get out of" areas you may lean into too heavily.

Take my free Self Awareness Test to learn which of your Minds you naturally use the most--and which you could develop to bring balance to your life.

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creating sacred space

I always say that the first step to getting your balance is ground yourself. Personally, this has always meant I needed to create my own sacred space--space that exists outside of my normal world and which is the place I always honor myself and my own needs.

Your sacred space doesn't need to be anywhere special (in the past, I used my dining room table every morning). But it should feel "special" in some way, as though you made an extra effort to create a space just for you. Your sacred space may vary, but for me I like to include:

  • Scented candles or incense you only burn when you're doing your work. This helps ground your Physical Mind in your sacred space.

  • A journal or notebook to give your Rational and Emotional Minds space to play. I like this one (affiliate link) because it always lays flat, no matter what page you're on.

  • Any books you'd like to be able to quickly access.

  • Other things that boost your creative and spiritual energies.

Image by Jamshed Khedri

knowing where you're starting

Most of us naturally prefer working with one or two of the Minds over the others, perhaps because of how we were raised or experiences we had early in life that taught us it wasn't safe to trust our own different sources of Knowing. 

For example, most of us in the West tend to prefer to work in the Rational Mind because we think emotions and "gut feelings" are less trust-worthy than logic and reason. Unfortunately, this lack of self-trust brings a natural imbalance to our lives, increasing our suffering as we try to navigate life without listening to our own intuitive Knowings.

The following writing prompts are intended to help you begin to explore which of your Minds you tend to lean into and which you may deny or ignore completely. Print out the workbook below or grab a journal to begin some gentle self-exploration:

journal prompts for self-exploration.png

bring focus to your self-awareness

Sign up for my free Self Awareness Test and Workbook to take the next step in your journey.

While I firmly believe that you are the best guide you will ever have in working with your Four Minds, sometimes it can help to get a "jumpstart" from an external source. Because so many of us prefer to have facts and numbers to guide our decisions, I developed the Self Awareness Test to help you quantify your own approach to the world. The Self Awareness Test is intended to help you leverage your Rational Mind in understanding areas you need to open up and explore.

The Self Awareness Test also provides specific recommendations for techniques and things to try to bring balance to your own self-knowing, including:

  • Specific ways to gain awareness of each Mind

  • Techniques to "get into" or "out of" each Mind

  • Mindfulness exercises to use when you face personal challenges in your own life that may bring out one Mind over another.

  • Recommended reading to build your strength in underdeveloped areas

Take the Self Awareness Test and deepen your relationship with yourself today.

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