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the self awareness test

“Truly, nothing in the world has so occupied my thoughts as this I, this riddle, the fact I am alive, that I am separated and isolated from all others[…]! And about nothing in the world do I know less about than me!”

– Herman Hesse, Siddhartha

While I firmly believe that you are the best guide you will ever have in working with your Four Minds, sometimes it can help to get a "jumpstart" from an external source. Because so many of us prefer to have facts and numbers to guide our decisions, I developed the Self Awareness Test to help you quantify your own approach to the world. The Self Awareness Test is intended to help you leverage your Rational Mind in understanding areas you need to open up and explore.

The Self Awareness Test also provides specific recommendations for techniques and things to try to bring balance to your own self-knowing, including:

  • Specific ways to gain awareness of each Mind

  • Techniques to "get into" or "out of" each Mind

  • Mindfulness exercises to use when you face personal challenges in your own life that may bring out one Mind over another.

  • Recommended reading to build your strength in underdeveloped areas

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Self Awareness Test | lindsay aarons

The beautiful cover art for the Self Awareness Test is used with permission from the talented Sarah Cray.

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